A Well-Being service for Dementia Patients

  • What a beautiful idea!
  • Stimulate Memory & Emotion
  • Residents feel at home
  • Decrease Anxiety within residents

Dementia Windows

Familiar Surroundings

People with dementia who live in care homes are happier and more relaxed if they can identify with familiar surroundings. Our window decals help ensure a personalised living environment in care facilities where residents’ identities are central.

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The well-being service is especially useful for people with dementia, as these custom door skins stimulate memory and help with orientation, making it easier for people to find their rooms in new environments such as care homes, and reduce their reliance on staff.
By simply sticking a photograph of a personalised door from a previous home on top of the institutional door, patients are reminded of times when they were happy.
What a beautiful idea!

Design is Easy!

Graphic Design

Design is Easy!

Got a favourite backyard in mind? No probs, just let us know where we can find it and we will visit and photograph the backyard in High Resolution so it looks real when printed.
Our graphic designers Ryan and Allen know exactly what is require for a great result.

High Resolution Graphic

Crystal Clear

High Resolution Graphic

Current digital printing technology produces stunning images onto self adhesive vinyl with long life. Our Mimaki & HP digital sign printers produce rich, vibrant images with increased colour density, superior bonding to the vinyl stock with enhanced scratch and alcohol resistance.
The Dementia-FX prints are laminated with a matt laminate to make them extra durable and resistant to scratches.