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  • 2 YEAR WARRANTY ON ALL 3D signs 
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3D letters can be used for signage on outdoor buildings, walls or entrance doorways. They are also great for reception signage, and many different interior options are available. What perception does your reception area or foyer give to your clients? Are you projecting the corporate image and quality branding that you think you are?

There are a variety of ways you can present 3D signs whether it is illuminated, multiple colours and shapes positioned on a solid background or even something as simple as 3D letters on a wall. 

3D Signage in your reception and foyer is viewed at close range, so a combination of specialised techniques, excellent finish, and materials are important elements of the design. Remember, you want to stage a lasting appeal that stays with a person long after they have left your premises. We can even provide directory boards, backlit illuminated signs, and window frosting with your logo, or install digital signage options for additional effect.

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The fastest sign install you'll see this week!

Removal of the old 'AMCOM' signage and manufacture & installation of new LED internally illuminated 'VOCUS COMMUNICATIONS' logo to the side facade of 153 Flinders Street, Adelaide.


Colour change 3-Dimensional signage

These Chrome Plate 3-Dimensional letters were produced for the new Mimasu Japanese Restaurant in Adelaide. The letters change colour in sequence set by a controller for the operator. The signs can flash, transition slowly or remain a static colour of your choice.

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"A mark of Quality"

Add Dimension

3-Dimensional signs, letters & logos give a dynamic message of quality with their bold high impact visual appeal. They can be fabricated from a range of materials to create unique "works of art". Lighting and illumination effects can add yet another dimension, particularly at night when the sign transforms into a branded beacon for your product. Shadows, halo lighting or internal illumination all add to the impact a 3D sign can have.

Due to the unique nature of fabricated 3D signs they are often perceived as a mark of quality and a reflection of the success of a business. Whether it be metal, acrylic, timber, stone, or a mix of various materials, our signage guys can recommend the best solution for your needs. Large 3 dimensional logos and letters really do make you stand out in the crowd.

Fabricated In-House

Quality Control

Fabricated In-House

When people see something in 3D, it really makes an impact. Signlab is all about putting your brand out there, and our 3D signs will do just that. All our 3D signage is custom made and fabricated in-house. We do the lot, providing total control over quality and timeframes.

We have all the equipment and the skills to custom fabricate 3-dimensional signs of any shape and size. We have CNC machines, high temp ovens, cad cutting equipment, digital printers etc. We are fully equipped to handle any 3D signage project.

In-House Production

Fully Equipped

In-House Production

Our workshop is fully equipped with all the equipment and facilites to get the job completed to a high standard. Having complete control over all the elements of sign production gives us total confidence in our ability to offer fast turnaround.




The guys who make your 3D signs in Adelaide, also install them...No subcontractors here!

Signlab will guarantee that all of our 3-Dimensional Fabricated signs will be free from defects in material and workmanship when they leave our workshop. Our 3D signage carries a 2-year warranty against workmanship and materials.

We have been producing and installing fabricated 3-dimensional signs since 1992. We offer a long warranty period on our 3D signage in Adelaide because we are so confident in the quality of our workmanship and the materials and components we use.

Artwork/ Design is Easy

In-house Designers

Artwork/ Design is Easy

Our sign designers Ryan or Allen can help with your 3-Dimensional signage in Adelaide. All you need to do is send us your logos, pics and content for the signage and we will put it together for you and add our design flair to it.

Speak with Ryan or Allen to get advice on the correct file formats to get the best result. We accept most file formats, if possible .eps or .ai is best for us. The guys will send you a proposed concept, technical drawings and a proof of your 3D signage for approval before it is printed.

We also offer an FTP service so you upload larger files to our server.


Amateur Video

....it's been a while...another 'no frills' home grown video...Kai on the camera this time. A quick look at the Amcom 3D Fabricated Internally Illuminated signage production and installation...

The boys loved this job...7 storeys up in the access equipment! Installation was completed on a Sunday morning with all necessary permits and traffic control. The sign was powered up that night and really looked a treat.

Superior Print Quality

Mimaki Solvent

Superior Print Quality

Our Mimaki solvent inkjet printer is the most complete and competitive machine for a sign and graphics company.

Current digital printing technology produces stunning images onto self adhesive with long life. Our Mimaki JV-33 digital sign printer produces rich, vibrant images with increased colour density, superior bonding to the vinyl stock with enhanced scratch and alcohol resistance.